„9 csoda” olaj 3 x 1 fl oz (30 ml) Szivattyús palack
Piping Rock Cikk #10401

„9 csoda” olaj

3 x 1 fl oz (30 ml) Szivattyús palack
HUF Ft 5,413.37
HUF Ft 7,227.06
25% engedmény

Radiance in a BottlePiping Rock 9 Wonders Skin Oil

Let your natural beauty shine with our 9 Wonders Oil, and discover how radiant your skin can truly be! Featuring skin-nourishing sea buckthorn, we've combined 9 of nature's finest botanicals into one wonder of a skin oil. Use on the face or neck to promote soft, supple skin, and discover the bliss of your natural radiance!

To use, apply to the face and neck, gently massaging into the skin until absorbed. Use in the day or at night. Our 9 Wonders oil is non-greasy and is suitable to wear beneath sunscreen and make-up.

What You'll Find Inside

♦ Apricot Kernel Oil: Derived from the kernels of yellow-orange apricots, this nourishing oil promotes a soft, healthy glow.
♦ Avocado Oil: Cold-pressed from the fleshy pulp, avocado oil has been used as a moisturizing anti-aging oil since the ancient Aztecs.
♦ Sesame Seed Oil: A soothing, nutrient-rich oil that encourages smooth, supple skin that begs to be touched.
♦ Kukui Seed Oil: An exotic oil used by the people of Hawaii for its skin-emollient properties for centuries.
♦ Jojoba Seed Oil: Jojoba is a staple in the beauty industry, found in cosmetics and body care products around the world.
♦ Argan Oil: Called "Liquid Gold" in the beauty industry, this oil naturally acts as an ultra-moisturizing agent for the entire body.
♦ Arnica Oil: From the flowering plant comes arnica oil, long used for its natural support of a healthy complexion.
♦ Vitamin E Oil: A legendary antioxidant, vitamin E is perhaps one of the most popular ingredients in skincare products worldwide.
♦ Sea Buckthorn Oil: Once a well-kept beauty secret, this natural oil is renowned for its support of skin health throughout the beauty industry.

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50% engedmény
HUF Ft 1,347.67 HUF Ft 2,692.83

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